Palma Mysuite Milano WJC

Condo Hotel

The World Join Center (WJC) is a skyscraper located in Milan, in Viale Achille Papa, a short distance from the historic area of the Fiera Campionaria

78 meters high by 20 floors, it was completed in 2009 on a project by architects Studio Urbam and Marco Cerri. The World Join Center was born with a business soul, perfect for setting up large offices and for hosting events; located in the Portello area, it is the meeting place and the business area of excellence at the entrance of Milano Ovest.

A new space for the city of great architectural value, equipped with all cutting-edge technological and logistics equipment.

A complete offer for every type of need: the WJC is in fact the creation, organization and realization of events of different sizes, types and characteristics.

WJC Square: the largest covered square in the city:  over 2,000 square meters of equipped and modular  space, ideal for the promotion of Milanese and Italian  companies through events, fashion shows, exhibitions,  launch of new brands, presentation and display of  products.

WJC Square is a completely new location for the city:  composed of a structure in steel and zinctitanium  beams, provides different logistic alternatives and  customized settings

Milano WJC: today following the arrival of Palma Spa,  the building is preparing for a radical change: the  WJC will host the Milanese Condo Hotel.

The requalification that will begin in September 2020  to open the doors in March 2021, involves the transformation and redevelopment of the  13_14_16_18 floors with the construction of 24 Junior  suitesand 16 Suites in addition to the total  rearrangement of the Reception and several  common areas.