Condo Hotel

PALMA Mysuite is the first true Italian player in the  Condo Hotel segment.

The Condo Hotel formula, although consolidated in  the rest of the world, represents for Italy an innovative  service model and PALMA Mysuite is the answer to an  ever-growing demand by high-spending travelers for  accommodation where they can find all the comforts  of their home.

The Condo Hotel represents a perfect synthesis  between a hotel and a private home, between a high-quality tourist-accommodation service and an  investment in a prestigious property: the buyer of a  suite has the full property while PALMA Mysuite takes  the responsibility for the management, by renting the  suite when it is not used by the owner. In other words,  the buyer of a suite acquires all the advantages of  owning a second home in a prestigious destination,  without any management commitment or  maintenance costs.

Furthermore, when he is staying at  his property, the owner benefits from all hotel services  as a VIPcustomer.

This formula allows to valorize a high-end real estate  investment, thanks to the service component, resulting  much more interesting than a traditional real estate  investment. This should not be confused with multi-  ownership or other forms of time-sharing: in this case  the buyer has the full ownership of the suite and enters  into a normal management agreement with PALMA  Mysuite.

The first Condo Hotel developed by PALMA Mysuite is  a destination in the Langhe & Monferrato, an area  recently awarded as World Heritage by UNESCO: it is  a 14th century castle located in Castellero, which is  being transformed into a luxury Condo Hotel and will  be operated from 2022.