Iconic Experience



the revolution of hospitality boundaries.


Palma Mysuite is specialized in the management of Condo Hotel and has all the skills to manage an accommodation facility, from hotel service to property maintenance.

A solid reference for property owners and travelers.


Centrality of the guest
The goal is to amaze and ensure that our guests leave  our facilities with a memorable memory.

We are committed to ensuring that each stay is a real  ‘iconic experience’, with genuine and personalized  service in welcoming environments.

Innovation of Tradition
Keeping tradition alive by projecting it into the future.  Places of great charm that enclose the tradition of  hospitality and innovation of comfort.

Value of Territory
A strong commitment to social responsibility and  sustainability.


Have fun!

Because quality is also the ability to transform tough  work into the pleasure of working together with others,  for others. It is the pleasure of producing wellness for  guests, for collaborators, for colleagues.

Our passion is an example to others. It is thanks to  passion that the most innovative ideas are bornand it  is thanks to the flexibility and value we bring that these  ideas can be achieved.

Trust, integrity, honesty: respect for ethical principles is  an essential requirement for growth.

Quality and professionalism identify our way of  working because there is no different way for us!


A team of luxury hotel professionals!

With a long experience in the hospitality sector, our  management has held important roles in privately  owned hotel structures as well as international luxury  chains, acquiring skills and professionalism and  developing a network of significant contacts for  business development.

Each property is unique, and with different purposes,  but the keys to our success are the same for all  projects.

–  The in-depth knowledge of the market allows us to  understand the expectations of our guests andsatisfy  themthe revolution of hospitality boundaries.

– A genuine, impeccable and customised service  model.

– The loyalty of our guests who return with the  certainty of always finding the same warm and  impeccable welcome.

– The regular internal communication, with the sharing  of objectives, involves all the staff, makingthem  participate in the group’s growth and guest  satisfaction.

– A team capable of offering an excellent service, in  which the solidity of tradition and theenthusiasm for  innovation coexist, to transform the stay of each  guest into a true and unforgettable ICONIC  EXPERIENCE!

Meet Team
Graduated in Economics 'cum laude' from the University of Turin.
Marco Pennisi


Degree in Economics with specialization in Tourism and Master in Economics of the Tourism Industry.
Valeria Condorelli

Managing director

Graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University.
Riccardo Condorelli

Chief operating officer

Graduated in Business Administration
Emanuele Vione

Purchasing manager

Graduated in Economics from the University of Turin.
Daniele Boninfante



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